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Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Jets won one

In the sports category:

Well the Jets moved to 2-8 on the season with a win that even they couldn't give away, although they did try, against the Pittsburgh Steelers. My question for you is, will the Patriots put up triple digits on the New York Jets in two weeks as a way of taking revenge for the video-taping debacle earlier this year? Or will it just be a very high two digit number?

Thursday's winner: Matty

5)Crystal Ball - Keane
4)Look After You - The Fray
3)Blizzard of 77 - Nada Surf
2)Blacking Out the Friction - Death Cab for Cutie
1)Home - Foo Fighters

I feel like all of these somehow capture the mood and beauty of a crisp winter morning. One of my favorite things about BU was the days when you would walk out to a bright blue sky and a light frost. You put in your iPod and there are invariably those songs that you feel like you just have to listen to that day. That is one of the things I will never forget and one of the many things I love about Boston and BU. If I was going to make that walk right now, these songs would have to be in a playlist to throw on for the walk to class.

My list: Avoiding Matty's top 3, all of which would have made my list

5) What is Your Secret - Nada Surf (They turn out entire albums that you can listen to on a winter morning...I could avoid using the same song as Matty, but I couldn't avoid putting Nada Surf on my list)
4) English Girls Approximately - Ryan Adams
3) Radioman - Feeder
2) Don't go Away - Oasis
1) Angel in the Snow - Elliott Smith

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Apologies again

My wireless and my computer have both been a bit finicky lately. Sorry.

Anyway, I'm feeling kinda simple tonight. As the seasons change and it starts to get a bit chilly outside, let's go with all time top 5 songs (because I know no one listens to albums anymore) for walking down a lightly snow covered street in the winter. I know it's not technically winter yet, but it's about that time of the year when I start thinking about the mountains and getting some snowboarding in and such.

Winner from whenever: I'm going to give it to Becca because that really would just make the world a much better place.

Stephen Colbert would clone himself and appoint himself to every seat in the cabinet.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Beatles vs. Oasis?

A question that even I'm not stupid enough to ask. It would be no contest. And Nick, you couldn't choose a better Beatles song than "Tomorrow Never Knows"? I mean, c'mon.

Today's question comes to us direct from Matty Bain in Saginaw, Michigan:

Matty Asks: If Stephen Colbert is somehow elected to the presidency, who would his cabinet members be? To make this a little bit easier, we'll just say Secretary of State, Education, Defense, Treasury, Agriculture, Interior and Justice. If you want to do all 15 positions, go for it, but I don't particularly care who you think Stephen Colbert would choose for the Secretary of Veterans Affairs or Housing and Urban Development. It's not that I'm lazy, it's that I just don't care.

Thursday's: I'm going to give it to Nicole for going all musical and thoughtful about it. And Matty, if you think that I'm devaluing your opinion and your personal experience by not choosing your answer, I am.

"Here's a theory for you to disregard completely. Music, you know, true music..not just chooses you! It lives in your car, or alone, listening to your headphones, vast scenic rituals and angelic choirs in your brain. It’s a place apart from the vast benign lap of America." -Almost Famous

And so, in the vein of perhaps one of the greatest music movies ever (the others being "High Fidelity," "This is Spinal Tap," and "The Beatles' Help"), I say that my Oasis song of choice, given the options, (which was the question, yes, and not a question of Oasis or the Beatles - which would be Beatles) is Wonderwall. Because, it found me first. And yes, I love Champagne Supernova, but that first time hearing Wonderwall, with those long, drawn-out "And maaaybeeeee... you're gonna be the one that saaaves meeeeeee.. and after alllllll, you're my wonderwalllll" really appealed to my awkward, single, boy-crazy 6th-grade self. The idea of this guy singing this song to someone, of some girl having this power of him, I dig that.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Remember Remember the Fifth of November

The Gunpowder treason and plot.
I see no reason the gunpowder treason
should ever be forgot

Barring September 11, what is the most unforgettable historical event of our young lives? The one that will never be 'forgot'?

The other day's question: I'm going to give this one to Matty even though he crossed up the actual name-Screen Actors Guild-with the Matt Stone / Trey Parker satire from Team America. Or at least failed to acknowledge that he knows the difference. Oops. Oh well. It worked for the joke, and that, i'm sure, is why he did it.

George Clooney. He's pompous, full of himself, a leader of Film Actors Guild (FAG) and apparently *ahem* takes that membership literally in his personal life. So if we're talking who's full of shit, he is literally and figuratively because he spews nonsense and has his packed regularly.

Friday, November 2, 2007

So everyone hates Halloween, Nick, or me

or perhaps some combination of the three. Or maybe just horror movies. I'm going to tell myself it's Horror movies. That'll make me feel better about myself when I go to bed.

Anyway, I just finished another paper and even I'm amazed by just how full of shit I am. Which brings me to today's question.

Which political figure/celebrity pretending to be, in the immortal words of Stan Marsh, "political and stuff" would you say is most full of shit?

I know this is a tough question, and it's essentially like asking who the fakest (not a word but it will do for my purposes) person in Hollywood is, but I want to get political and stuff and try and raise the integrity of this blog to heights before unthinkable. No wait, that's just me being full of shit again. Anyway, the floor is yours.

Yesterday's: ummm...

The Evil Dead Trilogy

First film is a low budget teen horror flick that's pretty damn scary, but has it's funny moments.

Second is scary and gory as fuck, and it also gets even funnier.

The third is hysterical and bloody and violent and amazing.

The key links were the manic style Sam Raimi used before MTV style quick editing was commonplace, giving you a feeling of being jerked all over the place during the film. Plus, Bruce Campbell is the fucking man. Always has been, always will be. Bruce Campbell is one of the three coolest people on the planet.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Good Points Nick

but have you seen him in the Spiderman movies? I mean seriously, even Seacrest kicked ass in Knocked Up. I had forgotten that he was in Feraks and Geeks though, and anybody from that show is ok by me...especially Linda Special for Halloween, and totally unrelated to Linda Cardellini, James Franco, or anything that I've already talked about.

What is the all time best horror movie franchise?

I think I'm going to exclude saw which I don't really count as horror movies, they fall into the realm of psychological thriller.

Yesterday's: I've gotta give it to Nick for taking an unabashed cheap shot at Beckham. I respect that.

David Beckham won't act, because it will get in the way of his Brazilian waxes and his vaginal rejuvenation.

Also, James Franco, due to involvement with Freaks and Geeks and Knocked Up ("if this is one of those fuckin joke shows I'm not into it."), should not be cited anywhere near Paul Walker. And he was actually really good on Freaks and Geeks.

Monday, October 29, 2007

bend it like beckham?

David Beckham has played in only ten matches since June 1 (2 International Friendlies, and matches for LA, although only five of them were actually MLS games, and played the full 90 in only 3 of those matches). When you compare that with the 22 games that Juan Pablo Angel (only a few months younger than Becks) played the full 90 for the New York Red Bulls over the same period of time, it seems like Beckham's days as a professional footballer may be numbered. So the question is this: Are we more likely to see Beckham booting extra points and field goals as an NFL novelty act (although not doing kickoff duty because that would involve running and maybe even hitting)? Acting in Hollywood and making James Franco and Paul Walker look like two of the greatest actors in the history of cinema? Coaching/broadcasting football in some way shape or form?

Whenever the hell I last posted: First off, I have to say, what a catch. Thank you Brett Favre, I can go to bed and not have to wonder what's going to happen in the game. The winner is Nicole, the only one to post an actual answer. And I'll even give Becca a runner-up for posting something.

Absolutely, without a doubt, hands down Christine. Now, to say this movie is awful (which it is) is an understatement. The car has a life of its own, attacks people, and then repairs itself overnight? Okay Mr. King, if you say so. Run out of ideas? That's too bad. Now, with that said, this movie is so awful, that it's in fact hilarious. It's actually a pretty good first date movie to rent when all you want to do is pop in some "scary" movie as an excuse to cuddle and then just start making out once you lose interest.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

When did Steven King just stop trying?

Today's actual question is essentially an extension of the question in the title. I was watching VA Tech hand the game to Boston College and they showed a commercial for the new Steven King movie The Mist. Needless to say it looks horrendous because he can't write worth a damn anymore, but it got me thinking about the opposite of a question I asked a few weeks back:

What is the all time WORST movie based on a piece of writing (Novel, Novella, or Short Story) by Steven King?

Yesterday: I'm going to give it to Martina, because she remembered what I forgot, she remembered to choose a beverage, and she chose beer, and I respect that.

Michael Sourdough Sandwich.
Either The chicken pesto with provolone or the regular turkey with eveything.
I know, a sandwich is boring...but I like it simple.
If you've ever been to Michael Sourdough than you know these sandwiches are amazing. If you haven't, just picture heaven in a sandwich. I'd top it off with a beer and a massive slice of chocolate cake. It's the only food that I will drive twenty minutes out of my way to get to. And the bastards are only open on the weekdays so I never have the chance to go.

an opinion question

I know I don't usually ask opinion questions, or at least I look for answers that are in the form of factual statements, even if there is nothing factual at all about what you're saying, but I'm going to change it up tonight, and you're just going to have to deal with it. First I have to give credit where it's due, this question comes from Kristin, but if you don't like it, blame me for choosing to use it. Everything is always my fault anyway.

What would you choose for your last meal?

There are some parameters here so bear with me for a second. First off, It's one meal, and it lasts the span of a typical meal so you can't have a 2500 course meal that lasts you three years. You get 1 appetizer, a soup or a salad, 1 main course with a side and a vegetable, and a desert.

Yesterday: I've gotta give it to Nick again. I actually, blasphemous though it may be, enjoyed Waterworld. Piss off in advance for any comments that any of you choose to make in regard to my last statement.

*Looks at IMDB*

*Notes credits for Costner's latest...sees Dane Cook's name*'s Mr. Brooks.

Anything with Dane Cook in it is automatically worse than all the other awful shit Costner has done, because Dane Cook is an unfunny douchebag who brings shame to this entire region.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

From Best of to Worst of

In honor of todays release of Mr. Brooks on DVD...What is the all-time worst Kevin Costner movie in the history of movies? Things to keep in mind: there are so many to choose from.

Yesterday: Nicky

idiot comedy, but it has incredibly smart moments. And the stupid stuff is funnier stupid stuff than any other comedy in the 90s.

'Goodbye, My LOVE*crash*'

'Hey guys, Big Gulps huh? Alright. Well, see ya later.'

''re hands are freezing'


I mean, it helps that he also had his best support in this movie (because Jeff Daniels was also incredibly funny), and the fact that this was the Farelly's at their absolute best, and I say it's no question Dumb and Dumber.

Free cable is the ultimate aphrodisiac

Cable guy is on TBS. And I'm watching it. Which brings me to my question. What is the all time best Jim Carrey movie? Interpret "best" however you see fit.

Yesterday's: I'm gonna give this one to Eileen for no other reason than the Crocodile Dundee reference. I feel like Paul Hogan doesn't get the respect he deserves on this site. I mean, he was in 6 movies, a mini-series, and made a pilot for the "Paul Hogan Show" on top of the two Crocodile Dundee movies. That's right, there were two crocodile dundee movies. Say otherwise and risk disqualification. Those were two great movies the two crocodile dundee movies. Both of the two crocodile dundee movies that they made. 2.


Gecko for sure. It would be like Crocodile Dundee meets Felicity. Little Gecko in the big city. The cultural differences and that accent just lend themselves to sitcom awesomeness. Well maybe not awesomeness, but better than that damn duck.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Cavemen are dead, and that show needs to go away

Better TV spin off idea: The Aflac Duck or the Geico Gecko?

Whenever I last posted: I'm going to go ahead and give this one to the M's, Matty and Martina.

Stepping on crunchy leaves. It's like that feeling you get after picking a scab, only way better.

The best thing about fall is that:




But seriously, hockey starting is great but the best thing about fall is far and away the World Series. Everyone knows that October hockey is meaningless, especially die-hard fans. It's like an extended preseason. I love it, but a Leafs-Bruins game doesn't get the juices flowing like tonights Sox-Indians game 7.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Now that it is finally almost here, what is the best thing about fall?

Yesterday's: It would just be wrong if I didn't give it to Nick. I'll give Nicole a runner-up because that's kind of like Nick.

1. Nick Hornby - I can't wait to read Slam. My favorite author alive by a wide margin.

2. Nick Efstahiou - A colleague of mine in the Nashua Solid Waste Department. Nick is about 7-8 years older than me with a family. He's a book collector, a World War I buff and a former wild man (like a total druggie and drunk) who turned his life around and is married with kids, and still retains a healthy love of hard rock (we'd end up singing Misfits songs and shit like that...his 6-year-old daughter was obsessed with Rancid). A weird but awesome dude.

3. Nick Nolte - Because of the fucking mugshot picture, maybe the greatest picture ever taken by anyone anywhere.

4. Nick Boynton - He was a solid defenseman for the Bs, and a guy who was more than willing to drop the gloves and stick up for his teammates. I just wish he didn't suck now.

5. Dr. Nick Riviera - "HI EVERYBODY"
"Hi Dr. Nick"

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

For the champ

Because Nick is such a champ, and because it's been a week since I asked my All-Time Top 5 Joes question and I liked the way that one went, I'm going to ask you all for your all time top five famous/historical Nicks lists. Who are the all-time top 5 famous/historical people named Nick?

Yesterday's: It took me hours to choose a winner. Hours.

I think it's definitely about name value.

For example, I think Attorney Barry Feinstein's entire quest in life is to be the most stereotypically Jewish ambulance chaser in the history of the world.

And James Sokolove has a ring that is just perfect for a televised attorney.

My favorite one is one I can't name though. It's the one where the guy who played Baxter Kane (evil owner dude) in Baseketball acts like he is in fact an attorney at law, and all I can think about is him telling Jenny McCarthy that she needs to polish his knob.

Monday, October 15, 2007

A question about lawyers

We've all seen the commercials on TV for the law firms with catchy sounding names that specialize in personal injury and class action suits, and sometimes they have not only catchy names but catchy Acronyms and thus catchy 1-800 Numbers that almost make you want to call even if you haven't developed cancer due to the negligent use of asbestos, or twisted your ankle and sprained your wrist on a slurpee that some convenience store clerk didn't clean up. My question for you is this: Do those law firms choose their partners based solely on name so as to have a catchy sounding commercial, or do they take ability and experience into account as well?

Friday's: Sorry. I got lazy there for a bit. Had a lot going on this weekend. Anyway, based solely on strength of answer, I've gotta give it to Martina. Even though I love all Mexican food (which is basically all just a variation of the same ingredients wrapped up differently) and enjoy pad thai, she had the best answer. Also, I personally happen to enjoy Indian food as well as both frogs legs and escargot, but that could just be because I'm a pretentious fuck. Nickie gets an honorable mention for playing to my ethnic sensibilities.

Mexican or Thai.
It's not that these cuisines don't taste good, it's the fact that everytime after eating these foods I just want to go to go home and rock myself back and forth in the bathroom for a couple hours. If my stomach could talk it would say, "You fucking cunt! I hate you! Why did you eat that!?" (yes, my stomache swears). Not to mention the really bad gas your going to have all night. Maybe Italians just have really sensitive stomaches. And I'm sorry, but pad thai is gross.

side note..while the french do suck at life, their food is pretty amazing. I could survive off of brie and a baguette any day. People in france don't actually eat frogs legs and escargot, they only serve it at pretentious restaurants where tourists go. (hey, that rhymed). And lets not forget french pastries...because they are AMAZING.